The importance of the above items and deadlines must be strongly emphasized. Incomplete applications as of July 1st may not be considered for funding for any part of the school year. COMPLETED applications will be considered and grants awarded to eligible applicants by August 1st.

Grant recipients are required to donate four hours of volunteer service to Brighten Your Future. These hours may be served by participating in the door-to-door campaign or by participating in the annual BYF Alumni Breakfast on Memorial Day weekend.

Our formula for establishing need is as follows:  Student resources (EFC from FAFSA) PLUS any gifts (grants and scholarships) PLUS Self-Help aid (Stafford) MINUS School Cost EQUALS the student's need..

If the student has met all the requirements, he or she receives a grant. The total of our interest earned that year is divided by the number of eligible applicants and each student receives the same amount. If their need is less, they receive less.

"On my journey at Ohio State University, I have run into many issues. Most of them result from a lack of finances. With Brighten Your Future, I have finally been able to take a deep breath. BYF has provided me with not only a sense of stability, but also a sense of community. It is truly amazing to see other students who participate with Brighten Your Future and the impact we as a whole can have on our little hometown with the opportunity that BYF has assisted in providing."- Bailey Johnson, Logan High School Class of 2013




To apply for a Last Dollar grant, you must complete the following items by the required deadline. Only Logan High School graduates from 1988 to present are eligible.

All applicants must:

  1. Have applied for financial aid from federal, state and college/school sources by that institution’s priority deadline;
  2. Secure some type of employment during the months of June, July and August;
  3. Send the following items by July 1st to the Logan High School office of BRIGHTEN YOUR FUTURE or to Brighten Your Future, P. O. Box 991, Logan, OH 43138. (Applicants wishing funding for any part of the school year must meet this deadline.):

- One copy of the STUDENT AID REPORT (SAR): (Page with “EFC” is the only page required).

- One copy of the FINANCIAL AID AWARD LETTER (from the post-secondary institution where enrolled, showing amounts of financial aid offered by the school).

- A signed STATEMENT FROM EMPLOYER (verifying dates of summer employment or a copy of a pay stub).

- Copy of MOST RECENT GRADE REPORT (for current year LHS graduates, grade reports will be obtained by BYF from the high school guidance office).

- Completed Brighten Your Future application:

How it works