Because our grants are solely funded through the interest generated on our investments, we need to continually increase our assets through donations to meet the needs of our students

Consider donating to Brighten Your Future, either as a one-time gift or an ongoing organization to fund annually. Or bequeath an amount to establish a legacy for education after your death.

Send your tax-deductible donation to:

Brighten Your Future

P. O. Box 991

Logan, OH  43138

or use the PayPal button below to donate via your debit or credit card.


This award is given to donors that have donated $10,000 or more to Brighten Your Future.  This award is recognized by:

  • The Name of the donor or organization is engraved on a large plaque in the main foyer of Logan High School.
  • The name of the donor/organization is engraved on a plaque that is located in the LHS guidance office.  This plaque is on display at all BYF events such as Scholar’s Night, College Night, and the BYF Alumni Breakfast.
  • The name of the donor/organization is on the flyer that goes in our annual mailing to over 3,000 LHS alumni and friends.
  • Centerpieces (table tents) are displayed at the Tailgate Party and Alumni Breakfast that list the current year named Grants, the grant recipients and their school of attendance.
  • Each year an article announcing the Named Grants and their recipients is placed in the Logan Daily News.