Through the years, Brighten Your Future has held several fundraising events including:

Texas Barbeque

Trips to Branson, Missouri


Annual fundraising mailing to LHS Alumni and friends of Logan High School

Tailgate Parties

Door-to-Door campaigns

Water sales at the Lilyfest

Community Fundraisers at local restaurants

The events listed above did and continue to raise funds for our organization. The majority of the growth of our assets, however, comes from the generous donations of LHS alumni, payroll deduction of LH school employees, local clubs, organizations, businesses, memorials, trusts and friends. The generosity from those that want to help Logan High School students continue their education has enabled Brighten Your Future to continue to grow and help to meet the needs of LHS graduates.

The amount of grants awarded to LHS graduates can only continue to grow if the assets of the organization continue to grow.