"Brighten Your Future has helped me tackle college for the return of a better lifestyle. I am very thankful to BYF for providing me with motivation to participate in volunteer work and helping me transition into an adult. It is not easy paying for college, but now my biggest goals have been accomplished thanks to BYF." - Whitney Mitchell, Logan High School Class of 2010

My BYF grant was unexpectedly awarded in 1990 during the spring quarter of my freshman year at Ohio State: a time when I was working two jobs, a tuition bill was looming and I had insufficient funds. The grant’s perfect timing was an amazing blessing and gift. Beyond the monetary grant was a clear and powerful unspoken message from the Board of Trustees, “We believe in you. We support you. Go out and do great things.” The results of that unexpected gift and the mighty message it sent have been lasting. - Gwen Barry Blumberg, Logan High School Class of 1989

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To  be  considered  for  a  BYF  grant,  a  student  must  meet  the  following  requirements:

  • Be  a  graduate  of  Logan  High  School  since 1988.
  • Submit  all  documentation  each  year  by  July  1st.
  • Student  Aid  Report  (SAR)
  • Financial  Aid  Award  letter  from  applicant’s  intended  school
  • Copy  of  most  recent  grade  report
  • Verification  of  summer  employment
  • Be  accepted  for  admission  at  a  fully  accredited  institution.
  • Have  an  acceptable  grade  point  average.

Qualification  for  a  grant  is  based  solely  on need  as  determined  by  
use  of  FAFSA  (Free  Application  For  Student  Aid)  and  other  related  

Brighten Your Future is Logan-Hocking community's program to provide access to higher education for graduates of Logan High School. Its goal is to assure that students have the money necessary to pursue education beyond high school. To achieve this goal, Brighten Your Future provides "last dollar" grants to all qualified students.

BYF is a non-profit corporation which was chartered in 1988. It is funded by donations from individuals and groups. All donations are tax-deductible. Interest earnings from the assets managed by trustees of BYF are used for grants.

As of August 2018, Trustees have awarded more than $1,500,000 to LHS graduates who needed assistance to continue their education.

Kim Norway
Executuve Director


Educational Grants

"The BYF scholarship has helped me afford the materials that assisted me in earning a 4.0 GPA". - Kristen Eads , Logan High School Class of 2014